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The first thing that you must do, once you have entered the world of the T4C, is to roll you character. 

We have spent a lot of time trying to come to a conclusion about what defines a character's starting stats but we never did. It seems that the system Vircom uses is a completely weird one that we have yet to figure. What we mean is that, if you give the exact same answers to the questions, you will never get the same starting stats (and the results differ to a great degree). 

So, what we decided to do was to post some helpful tips for creating your character. We also post the questions and what stats they effect.

In any case, keep in mind that T4C is not your usual RPG game. It has no classes and no restrictions. You can create a BruceLee- type character, running around punching tarantulas and cast a rain of fire spell when you are bored with punching.


Short description: A warrior is your classic hack-and-slash character that everyone knows and loves. Equip him with some nice armor and weaponry, and he will beat down anything that comes in his path. A good fighter must focus on Strength and Endurance in his physical training, but also will need some Agility.

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Str, End & Agi.

A good roll is: 22 Str, 22 End, 15+ Agi


Short description: Sorcerers, Magicians, Enchanters...they all kind of fall into this class. They will be weak in the exposition of the game, but immensely strong later on in the plot. While mages will never compare to the Warrior in brute power, they do have the advantage of ranged attacks with their wide assortment of visually spectacular spells. Save skill points so you can learn new spells, and an aspiring wanderer in the realm of Magic should strive to increase his or her intelligence, and secondly wisdom.

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Int, Wis & End if you want to wear any piece of armour (Azure is a great armor if its legal at your server). The Mage must work on his Int & Wis to acquire new spells and to make them powerful.

A good roll is: 20+ Wis, 20+ Int, 14+ End


Short description: A hybrid between a Warrior and a Cleric, the Paladin is a bold man or woman trained not only in weapon mastery, but in the ways of the Church. He or she could chose to smite down his enemies with spells released from the heavens above, or to destroy villains with a magical flail or mace; all the while protecting those in his party with his protective and curative magical abilities. Any person wishing to take this difficult road through life should have enough Strength and Endurance to serve as an experienced fighter, but also enough Wisdom to impress Clerics....

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Str, End & Wis.

A good roll is: 20+ Str, 18+ End, 18+ Wis


Short description: A battle mage follows the reciprocal path of a Paladin, instead of relying on Wisdom, he or she will rely on Intelligence. But one cannot forget the Strength and Endurance needed for some good equipment.

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Int, Str & End.

A good roll is: 14+ Str, 14+ End, 20+ Int


Short description: The cliché ranged weapon character, this occupation is for the William Tell in all of us. His life depends on getting that arrow notched quicker than his target can get to him. This is the Bowman's most important advantage: distance. Also, if you are interested in taking a less...lawful approach, most thieves are archers...Any archer needs to be very Agile, and will need plenty of Strength to pull the bow string back.

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Agi, End & some Str (all bows have Strength Requirements).

A good roll is: 18+ Str, 20+ End, 20+ Agi


Short description: Traditionally, the Cleric or priest is a defensive character. This is true in The Fourth Coming, but with huge spells like Boulders dealing out immense amounts of damage, the Cleric is not a character who needs be afraid of many monsters in the Realm. A cleric is a vital part of any group, and must be very Wise. Many priests have higher Endurance, as well.

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Wisdom and Endurance.

A good roll is: 22 Wis, 16+ End


Short description: In the world of The 4th Coming it's very difficult to survive with a classic thief so experienced players just "integrate" thief skills into their character. You may try to play with a thief type character though. Dodge is a VERY useful skill [when all of the server will be after you :-)]. Of course you will need Rob and Peek skill (Rob requires 25 Peek skill, you do not need any more). Also you can learn Hide, Sneak and Search skills but we recommend that you go for Invisibility, True Sight and Sanctuary. They are better than skills.

When you roll your character, you must look out for high Agi, Int & Wis (for spells like Invisibility and Sanctuary).

A good roll is: 20+ Agi, 14+ Wis, 14+ Int

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